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The next TOEFL preparation course starts on January 11th, 2021. It will be an intensive online course – classes twice a week. A total of 12 meetings, each lasting 120 minutes (32 hours in total).

course start dateJanuary 11th, 2021
course end dateFebruary 18th, 2021
dates and times(Mondays and Thursdays 19:00-21:00 Easter Europe Time Zone (EET +2 hour to UTC)
price740 zł / 199 USD / 170 EURO

The price of the course:

  • 32 hours – course materials (script)
  • 24/7 access to the Microsoft Teams platform and contact with an instructor


Payments can be made by transfer to the following account: INFINITY Foreign Language School ul. Bociana 6 31-231 Krakow, Poland.

Title: TOEFL course.

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199 USDPL 70 1750 0012 0000 0000 2626 9741PPABPLPKXXX
170 EUROPL 14 2340 0009 0281 4060 0000 0214PPABPLPKXXX

What do our online classes look like?

In our school we use the Microsoft Teams platform. Each of our clients has an individual account, thanks to which students can have access to classes and to all materials shared by the teacher, in addition to having constant contact via chat. Technical requirements: telephone / tablet / computer with internet access as well as camera and microphone (no camera required).


Information about the exam can be found at Candidates independently register for the exam through this website.Sign up for the TOEFL Prep CourseDodaj Przycisk